ETQWPro 0.55 Beta
clockEcrit par Poil | clock2008-05-23 17:58:30
ETQWPro 0.55 beta est sorti; il s'agit d'une prérelease en vue de la sortie de la 0.6, au menu pas mal de nouveauté ainsi que le support du patch ETQW 1.5:


  • Fixed console being black on a high detail + enabled AA config
  • possible FPS drop fix, because of new Spread Manager
  • Fixed several bugs in local play mode, you should be able to actually play vs bots
  • Bots wont call timeouts anymore
  • Fixed the TV Chat issue

New Features

  • added a serverside cvar (es_noRecoil) that allows no recoil on some weapons.
  • Amount of nades can be adjusted by a cvar (teamwise) --> NOT YET DONE
  • Hog can kill the Titan with one hit again.
  • Panzerfaust and Oblitorator make more damage against vehicles
  • Custom Maps Megatexture can be downloaded directly from the server. Be sure to have a look at the Custom Content Section (thx to Mxyzptlk)
  • added a non context way to switch weapons. ( setWeapon <0,..,12> )
  • pause not available in local play
  • class / setspawnpoint commands available in local play
  • added a new Console command for TV servers. (cpm "") prints a message on the server (currently in the chatarea). Happy spamming! Viewers can disable those messages with (g_noTVChat)
  • Removed the projectile impact effect for the strogg weapons
  • Balanced the main weapons spread wise. (they are pretty much equal now)
  • Added a cvar for serverside autorecord (es_autorecord)
  • Made it possible to permit shooting in a vehicle at all (es_allowAttackFromVehicles)
  • Made it possible to permit dropping stryobombs from an icarus (es_allowIcarusAttack)
  • Made it possible to hold/throw a nade while leaning.
  • Hyperblaster will be less accurate while standing and crouching
  • GPMG will be less accurate while crouching
  • Added prepare to fight and fight sounds to the mod. (0.5 already) Add prepare.ogg and fight.ogg to your localized sound folder.
  • Icarus will have slightly less health
  • if fastsalvage enabled -> last spawn GDF 25 sec / strogg 20 sec
  • Added es_unlockSprint, enables the speed upgrade from the Battlesense Award
  • Added es_maxMinesPerPlayer, give the constructor / engineer x mines at spawn
  • Added es_mod_grenade_count to use a modified grenade count (set to 1, and strogg/gdf only get one grenade)
  • Added es_mod_ammo_count to use a modified ammo count (set to 1 and gdf get more ammo)
  • Changed es_headshotsOnly. 1 = Only headshots do damage, 2 = first headshot kills the enemy
  • Decreased headshot hitsound


  • removed es_debugspread
  • removed the server TV Admin Backend.
  • removed switchhud command
  • removed the minhud
  • removed ec_autoaction
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