ETQWPro 1.0 beta
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Ceci sera la dernière release d'ETQWPro par Hannes, ce dernier cherche un repreneur; en attendant la finale et que ce dernier commente le code, vous pouvez déjà installer cette version qui apporte bien des nouveautés :

Client side

  • Fixed timerset Hud Value scaling
  • added ec_drawTime [0;1] Draws the current System Time.
  • added getSpawn Console Command, to display your current spawn.
  • added ec_drawStats, enable / disable the new stats popup
  • demos will now auto start at the end of the countdown!
  • Fixed the light gray sky issue
  • Fixed the demoversion number
Server side
  • added es_stroggRespawnTime to overwrite the Strogg respawntime
  • added es_gdfRespawnTime to overwrite the Gdf respawntime
  • added old speclock again (speclock, specunlock, specinvite, specuninvite)
  • added cointoss vote command (menu or just callvote cointoss in console)
  • added support for 12 maps @ the loading screen (was 3 maps before) thx to Scrupus
  • added g_maxSTROGGFieldopDeploys Limit the number of Dark Matter Cannon / Railhowitzer / Plasmamortar turrets per team: -1 = no limit
  • added g_maxGDFFieldopDeploys Limit the number of Hammer / Rockets / Artillery turrets per team: -1 = no limit
  • added es_skipMCP - 1 = skips the MCP obj, 2 = skips the MCP objective and any objective before the MCP objective See:es_skipMCP
Movie mod
  •  added freecamLookatPlayer command Camera Lookat Player Feature
  • added freecamLookatPoint command Camera Lookat Point Feature
  • added jitterLookatPlayer command Sets the right amount of jitter for a current Player
  • added jitterLookatPoint command Sets the right amount of jitter for a current Point
  • added setPoint command Sets a focus point for the jitter and freecam command
  • added exportPoints command Export all current focus points to a file
  • added importPoint command Import focus points from a file
  • added exec_at_time command Exec a config file at any given frametime
  • added cam command to play a ct3d cam!
  • added uv_drawPlayerNames Draw PlayerName and Player ID over its head
  • added uv_showOwnFragsOnly Show your very own frags only
  • added uv_freecamUseLookDirect Lock the cam view directly to the player rather.
  • added uv_freecamLookatOffset Offset for the FreecamLookAt pitch
  • added uv_debugFreecamLookAt Prints the current origin of the camera

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