ETQWPro 0.55b
clockEcrit par Poil | clock2008-06-08 21:24:30
ETQWPro 0.55b est là et corrige un certain nombre de bug :


  • Fixed es_allowvehicle cvar
  • Fixed moviemod commands
  • Fixed scandemo
  • Autoscreenshot, taking black screens at end of round fixed
  • Fixed spread for the GPMG.
  • Fixed es_fastrevives
  • Auto Screenshots wont take screens while playing back a demo
  • Removed Clantag from autodemo and autorecord name, since those could break the filesystem
  • Fixed Third person Crosshair is not being drawn anymore
  • Fixed Readyteam unreadies readied players
  • Fixed crash when connecting to a TV Server

New Features

  • Endgame Screen reworked
  • Autoscreenshot reworked use (g_autoScreenshotNameFormat for name format)
  • removed clantag from demo / screenshot name, since this could break the file system.
  • Added ec_showSightModel - Show weapon sight model
  • Added ec_showWeaponModel - Show non-sighted weapon model
  • Removed ui_showGun ( see ec_showWeaponModel / ec_showSightModel ) thx to pie!
  • if headshot mode enabled, no body hitsounds are being played
  • Added ec_showStroggSightEffect (enable / disable the strogg sight effect)
  • autoDemoRecord will now start recordíng if you enter a running game.
  • autoDemoRecord will now stop recording after the review and not while review
  • es_allowvehicles changed!
    • 0 = forbid all
    • 1 = allow all
    • 2 = no air vehicles (includes bumblebee, anansi, tormentor)
    • 3 = no heavy vehicles (includes titan, desecrator, Cyclops)
    • 4 = use the es_allowvehicle* cvars
  • forbidden vehicles wont be spawned into the level! Of course for everyone's pleasure, this is not be done in warmup mode!
  • Added a new Tab Page where you can adjust clientside ETQWPro cvars.
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